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Acoustic Hanger Pro

Discover the app that helps you to find the correct Acoustic hanger or floor mount for your soundproofing application.

Let your phone find the correct acoustic hanger of your soundproofing application

Thanks to the permanently updated database of our acoustic hangers, Acoustic hanger Pro calculates the load per hanger and natural frequency of the hanger according to the degree of vibration isolation that you require.

Select the mount that suits best your installation

With Acoustic Hanger Pro you can choose to make vibration calculations using Sylomer®, rubber or spring based solutions. This feature allows you to filter the acoustic hangers specifically on the elastic material that is used. Equally this Acoustic Hanger Pro app allows you select the acoustic hanger according to the degree of isolation or cost effectiveness.

Simple and easy!

This demo video explains how it works to the user. The menu is simple and user friendly. If you already know the weight per sqm of your ceiling or floor and the distance between hangers/floor mounts, you have done the first step. Then you have to select the elastic material that you wish, the natural frequency or degree of cost effectivity.


The interface is very simple to use.

100% FREE & NO ADS

Acoustic Hanger Pro is free and will always be free. We are not going to sell ads or introduce subscription fees.


For real-time support, send us a message directly to our support staff. You can also email us at


We take your privacy seriously and will never give your data to third parties.

About us

Aplicaciones Mecánicas del Caucho (AMC MECANOCAUCHO®) is a company that designs and produces anti vibration mounts as well as noise insulation composites for industrial and building sector. Our noise and vibration solutions combine, Rubber, metal, viscous fluids, Sylomer® and springs among other materials and we have been on the market since 1969.

Rubber to metal vibration isolators

Wide range of elastomeric anti vibration mounts for industrial applications.


Complete range of spring mounts for industrial acoustics, where high degree of isolation is required.


Complete range of acoustic hangers that use springs, Sylomer® or rubber for optimum Vibration isolation.